Real-time transportation visibility platform

Tracking, status updates, exception management, ETA calculation, analytics, integration, machine learning

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Route Planning features

Optimal routes in minutes

Route optimization

Route creation based on multiple variables such as vehicle capacity, delivery windows, road traffic, working hours.

Driver dispatch

Two way communication with drivers on order-basis. Mobile app for logging events.

Order Management

Batch import, sorting, filtering and selecting orders for route dispatch.


Handle single stop orders and know in advance if drivers will be on time.


Handling of distribution orders for LTL shipments.

API Integration

Batch upload via CSV, MS Excel. Integration with ERP, TMS, Order Management systems and more.

Route Planning

Efficient last mile planning

Create hundreds of routes in minutes.

Our tool creates the best routes based on multiple variables so you can meet your customers demands while using the most optimal resources.

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Visibility features

Get the power of real-time visibility

Real-time tracking

Track your vehicles and drivers on the road with GPS or our mobile app.

GPS Integration

Asset tracking with connection to GPS suppliers. Get all your vendors in a single platform.


Connection to hardware on vehicles like temperature or door opening sensors.

ETA prediction

Automatic ETA calculation based on real-time traffic. Share it with internal and external customers.


Automatic event log based on customized geofences.

Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Mobile app ePOD with signature, comments, status, pictures and more.


All your vehicles and drivers in one platform

Reduce customer service calls by providing real-time visibility and ETA.

Know where your vehicles are and take tactical decisions that save you time. Sharing ETA with customers reduces workload in your control tower.

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Customer Centric features

Customer Centric experience

Customer Portal

Share real-time and ETA status with restricted access to customers.


Manage routes by exception. Get instant notifications and alerts via email, SMS or our customer portal.


Machine learning algorithm monitors customer preferences and changes over time.

Customer Satisfaction

Updated ETA for better customer service

Be on time, every time.

Meet your customers appointments while keeping a log of drivers performance. 80% of customers want a time slot of when to expect their delivery to arrive.

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Reporting and Analytics


On Time In Full

Instant on-time in-full reports let you know how often customers get what they want, when they want it.

Waiting time

Reduce process variation

Analyze waiting times at customer premises deeply based on customer, driver, vehicle, weekday and time.

Carrier Performance

Compare multiple vendors

Compare 3PLs and carrier performance based on reliability and customer satisfaction. Which drivers arrived on time this weeek?

New feature

Customer Satisfaction

Are you meeting your customers expectations?
How can you achieve the ultimate customer experience?
Understand the importance of customer experience and gain control of the delivery process with technology.

Stop chasing vehicles

With FITTER you control your last-mile deliveries.